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Digital bluetooth thermometer - AVR Atmega processor to Android application

Device that I lately created using Atmega8L-PU, bluetooth module HC-05, thermometer DS18B20 and display HD44580. Also I created Android app that is ...

Getting the Version of HC-05 Bluetooth Module with ATmega32 by ABLab Solutions

In this project, we will find the Bluetooth version of a HC-05 Bluetooth Module with AVR ATmega32 microcontroller. Here, we will read the Bluetooth version of ...

Touch Screen Controlled Wheel Chair & Home Automation For Physically Handicapped

This wheelchair is for physically handicapped persons on which one can go in any direction just by a simple touch on the touch pad. And also he can operate ...

Home Automation System Microprocessor and System Design Project

Our main idea is to make a home automation system controlled by Smartphone. We will use Bluetooth to connect with the system. The security system will also ...

Connect Bluetooth Module to Android phone using SPP Profile

thanh@mlabviet.com www.mlabviet.com.

Android mobile's Bluetooth controlled car

Bluetooth HC 05 control Electronics Circuit Android & Microcontroller Based

Control a Electronics circuit on Android phone via Bluetooth HC 05.

How to Get Paid iPhone Apps for Free

My Free Apps - http://bit.ly/tysfreeapps Note: I'm using my credits to giveaway redeem codes to you guys. Jim's channel - http://youtube.com/jima6636 Check out ...

Buy DTMF Projects for Engineering Students Mumbai

DTMF Projects for Engineering Students: You can also call it a DTMF Controlled Home Automation System or DTMF Based Switch to trigger any device ...

avr bluetooth programmer demo

Android program AVR with bluetooth. Search avr bluetooth at google play.

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